Integrated communication and clinical workflow management

One scalable, intuitive, centralized HIPAA-compliant system where you can communicate and collaborate with your internal team and external partners.

Built to flex around your needs

Used by customers just like you

Transplant Hospitals

Organ tracker

Cold Ischemic time tracker

Flight aware integration/tracking

Organ Procurement Organizations

Donor Management


Organ tracker screenshots

Research organ offers


ACO’s and Provider Networks

(eg CEC/ESCOs)

Secure & Protected

Security is at the core of everything we do, ensuring your data is secure and protected. Our software provides secure authentication, private and segmented environments, and complete audit trails.

Streamlined Communication

Faster response times, no more miscommunicated information, phone tag, and disruptive calls.

Improved Staff Satisfaction

Real-time case monitoring provides insight to save you time.

Fully Integrated

Bring all your tools, people, and partners/customers together in a simple and scalable way.

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