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CORALVILLE, Iowa- (BUSINESS WIRE)–A poster presented at the Texas Transplant Society (TTS), “Better Predictions of Kidney Transplant Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence,” found that OmniLife (fka HealthTech Solutions)  TXP ChatTM could significantly improve predictions of kidney transplant outcomes compared to more traditional methods of deceased donor organ assessment and potential patient match. The abstract was presented by Kimberly Jacinto, DO, General Surgery Resident at Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, on July 26 in San Antonio, Texas, and was honored as the best presentation of the event with the 2018 Trinkle/Banowsky Abstract Competition Award.

The study, which was funded in part by a grant from the National Institute of Health, set out to compare performance of traditional organ and patient match assessment methods with a new method using a provisional version of OmniLifes’ TXP Chat incorporating artificial intelligence (AI). The study found that the artificial intelligence method successfully predicted 126 percent more successful Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants without increasing failure rate.

The authors concluded, “Clinical professionals require mobile and real-time organ offer assessment tools without adding more redundant phone calls, increasing productivity, and keeping everyone updated with critical information. Implementing AI with TXP Chat™ may allow the availability for prediction of graft function during live organ offers and transplantation. Artificial Intelligence will change the way professionals make decisions about whether to transplant kidneys into specific patients during the real-time organ offering and allocation processes.”

Organ transplant is a complicated, time-sensitive process that relies on numerous phone calls and faxes per donated organ. This inefficient communication contributes to over 50 percent of available organs being wasted when a significant portion could be transplanted; meanwhile, 22 patients die each day in the US waiting for a life-saving organ, over 120,000 people continue to wait for a major organ transplant, and the average wait time is over five years.

Founded by Dalton Shaull and Eric Pahl, OmniLife is a secure communications technology provider focused initially on providing solutions in organ transplantation. The company’s first product, TXP ChatTM, connects Organ Transplant Centers, Organ Procurement Organizations and Clinicians and Coordinators through a secure HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging and workflow app to simplify real-time clinical communication and coordination when time matters.