Lexington, KY (BUSINESSWIRE) – In September 2019, OmniLife received notice of award for a National Institutes of Health SBIR Phase II grant for $1.5M to expand on work completed in a previous pilot including clinical decision support. The study was IRB approved and supported by clinical experts throughout North America.


OmniLife originally received a Phase I SBIR from the NIH in the summer of 2017. The resulting pilot study explored the use of a mobile app, TXP Chat™, with organ procurement and transplant professionals in Iowa.


The goal of the original pilot was to discover if the use of mobile software for secure team-based clinician-to-clinician communication would improve recipient outcomes for solid-organ donation cases.


After one full year of use, the teams made substantial improvements in many operational and clinical areas: fewer hours from initial offer to transplant (50%), increased transplantation rate, increased relational coordination, improved clinical productivity, and reduction in redundant phone calls.


The implications for clinicians include reduced clinical frustration and delays during the coordination of the organ offer, procurement, and transplant.


Phase II awarded in September 2019 will focus on building an artificial intelligence-enabled, real-time communication software to optimize clinical decision making during the allocation, procurement, and transplantation of donated organs.


During the study, OmniLife has 3 aims:

  1. Develop machine learning models that predict transplant outcomes at the time of organ offer
  2. Validate the statistical significance and clinical relevance of these models with a clinical committee
  3. Implement the models into TXP Chat™ and deliver the predictions at the time of organ offer, through a randomized controlled trial.


Official supporters of this grant (letter of support or non-binding commitment to participate) include:

  • Starzl Network for Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation (SNEPT)
  • UPMC, Dr. George Mazariegos
  • Mt. Sinai, Dr. John Bucuvalas
  • UCSF, Dr. Emily Perito
  • NYPresbyterian, Dr. Steven Lobritto
  • TorontoSickKids, Dr. Vicky Ng
  • UVA, Dr. Sarah Rasmussen
  • Emory, Dr. Rene Romeru
  • UPMC, Dr. James Squires
  • UMN, Dr. Bill Payne
  • Metrolina Nephrology, Dr. Ben Hippen
  • Carolina’s Medical Center, Dr. Karl Welke
  • UCSF, Dr. Chris Freise
  • University of Iowa, Dr. Dave Axelrod
  • University of Iowa, Dr. Alan Reed
  • Intermountain, Dr. Diane Alonso
  • Donor Network West, Sean Van Slyck
  • Iowa Donor Network, Suzanne Conrad
  • St. Jude Medical, Dr. Manny Villafana (chairman)
  • Principal Investigator, Dr. Bob Emery (principal investigator)