1 April 2020: Donation and Transplant during COVID-19

(Disclaimer: These insights are provided from compilation of text, phone calls, listserv and social media discussions. They are not a definitive source of data, but are meant to share challenges and ideas so that others can learn from them. Please share any resources you believe useful to the group.)

OPTN Policy still does not exist excluding COVID Positive donors; however, OPTN and AOPO have been clear they do not support transplanting organs from COVID positive donors.

In an update sent out by UNOS on March 27th this guidance was provided reference reports of positive donor testing (note it does NOT only include COVID-19):

If an organ donor tests positive for COVID-19, they should be reported in the UNet Improving Patient Safety portal as a potential donor-derived disease transmission event. Similarly, if an organ donor tests positive for carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae or influenza, they should also be reported.

As of March 28th, UNOS has released a statement strongly encouraging local recovery of organs when possible.  “To protect the health and safety of all involved in organ recovery and transplantation during the COVID-19 pandemic, UNOS urges members to arrange for the surgical recovery of organs by local teams whenever possible including by recovery surgeons who may be available within the donor hospital. Reducing the number of recovery personnel traveling to the donor hospital is an important step to reduce exposure for all involved in donation and transplantation.”

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