Welcome to OmniLife!

Your journey to making your communications more efficient and effective starts right here!

Kseniya Verenich

Customer Success Manager

We’re excited to have you joining us! My name is Kseniya, the Customer Success Manager here at OmniLife. My job is to make sure everything goes smoothly for you during this process, so if you have any questions or need help please reach out – my contact information is below!

(859) 412-1445

Your To Do List:

Aug 21: E-sign the purchase order

Aug 28: Name & Contact for Primary Implementation Lead

Sept 2: Kickoff/Planning

Sept 16: SuperUser Orientation & Training

Sept 21: RCA pre-Implementation survey to all staff

Sept 30: Workflow Mapping (2 options: separate meeting or incorporate into SuperUser Orientation)

Oct 1: All Staff Orientation & Training

FollowUp Conversations, RCA Surveys and Feedback – will define plan with SuperUsers

Your Onboarding Process

Step 1: Contract Signed

Look familiar? You’ve already completed this step and we’re excited to have you!

Step 2: Prepare for onboarding

Help us get to know you more by filling out our New Customer Form. Once complete, a Customer Success team member will contact you via email to schedule a call and get things moving.

Step 3: Onboarding kickoff call

Have an online meeting with your Customer Success team member who will ask you some additional questions for clarity and plan next steps with you.

Step 4: OmniLife software tutorial

Learn about how OmniLife software works and start to discover how it can be used in your organization.

Step 5: Workflow mapping

Work with one of our Clinical Specialists to map out your current workflows and processes. During this time you can also modify some of your workflows to match industry best practices.

Step 6: All-Staff Tutorial (Optional)

Train the entire staff in your organization so everyone knows the best practices and how you want to use OmniLife.

Step 7: RCA pre-implementation survey

Complete your RCA pre-implementation survey.

Step 8: Go live!

Be sure to keep us in the loop regarding your intended go-live dates so we can answer any questions that may arise. We’re just a click away to chat and we’re excited to get you up and running!

Tell us how we did!

We’d like to hear how your experience was during onboarding! When you’re finished, please send us some feedback!